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Friday, October 29, 2004

Marriage Saved!

My good friend, Ken Liss, is a Yankee fan living in Boston.  Many years ago, he met a woman at Fenway during a Yankee/Red Sox game, fell in love and married her.  Jill is a Red Sox fan, of course.  Despite this inherent genetic conflict, Ken and Jill are happily married and have even managed to create a family with two wonderful daughters, Naomi and Emma.

At their wedding, Ken made a solemn vow to Jill: “I will love you forever, or until the Red Sox win the World Series.”  Maybe you can see the problem.

Not to fear, however.  Last Wednesday night, at the conclusion of the Red Sox sweep, Ken handed the following poem to Jill:

Coda for a Mixed Marriage

At Fenway we met, `twas the Sox `gainst the Yanks;
An auspicious beginning for which I give thanks.
After two years we wed, and to you I did vow
That I’d love you forever, or, at least, anyhow,
Till the Sox won the Series (which never could be).
Things got a little hairy in 2003.
But the Curse reared its head, and things were as they should have been.
Leaving Sox fans to mourn once again for what could have been.
In 2004, it seemed nothing had changed,
But down three-to-nothing, the Sox rearranged
All the records and did what had never been done.
The Yanks were disposed of; the AL was won.
Then on to the Series, and they just didn’t stop.
After 86 years, Boston’s back at the top.

So where does this leave us, this state of affairs?
“Is the marriage still on?” ask our two worried heirs.
How do I handle that long-ago vow?
Renounce it? Renege? Reinterpret somehow?
No. None of these things. But here’s what I’ll do.
That vow I made once, today I renew.
“I’ll love you forever,” I repeat it again,
“Or till the Sox win the Series,” dear Jill from your Ken.
I hope that’s enough to calm all of your fears.
After all, it should be good for another 86 years.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

2004 Win Shares Review

Matthew Namee has penned a review of 2004 from a Win Shares point of view over at the Hardball Times.

His analysis includes the best infields and outfields of the year, as well as the best bench.  I should also note, as Chris DeRosa pointed out, that the St. Louis Cardinals were only the second team in history to have three players with 35 or more Win Shares.  The last team to reach this milestone was the 1887 Browns.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Under Attack

Well, the site is under attack from some jerks posting advertising in the article comments.  So I’m turning off comments for now.  Sorry.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

2004 Win Shares now Available

Just finished updating Win Shares over at the Hardball Times.  You can see them in our
stats section.  Here are some quick observations:

- Bonds finished at 53 Win Shares, one short of his previous best.
- Rolen just edged Beltre at NL third base: 38-37
- The pick for the AL MVP could come from Sheffield, A-Rod, Tejada, Vlad, Matsui, Ramirez and Santana.  Maybe Ichiro, too.  They’re all that close, remembering Bill James’ guide that there’s really not much difference in three Win Shares.
- Randy Johnson should win the NL Cy Young.  He has 25 Win Shares to Clemens’ 20.
- Best catcher in the majors?  Jason Kendall.
- Over in Cincinnati, it’s Casey and Dunn, pray for no sun.  Dunn had 31 and Casey 30.  Then there is a drop to Jimenez at 23., then a further drop to 18, then…
- It’s even more extreme with Todd Helton and the Rockies
- Loretta just had a super year at 2B: 33 Win Shares
- Carlos Beltran had 31 Win Shares overall—18 at Houston and 13 at Kansas City.

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