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Monday, July 26, 2004

Great new site

Andrew Clark has developed a tremendous new baseball site, Major League Charts.  Essentially, he has created interactive graphs for all baseball stats in history.  It may take you a minute or two to get used to the interface, but you’ll find the time is worth it.  I could get lost in this stuff.

The above link will take you to Babe Ruth’s stats.  If you click on a year, then on a specific cell, you’ll get a graph of totals of that stat for the year, comparing all players in the majors and on the Yankees.  Roll over the graph, and you’ll see each player’s name and stats.  Click on it, and you’ll get his stats.  You’ll find that you just keep on clicking.

This site is a fine addition to the other historic baseball stat sites on the web, such as Baseball Reference, Retrosheet, Baseball Almanac and Sean Lahman’s database.  Have fun!

Posted by Studes on 07/26 at 05:32 AM
Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Win Shares spreadsheet

My buddy Joe Dimino, from The Hardball Times, has created a relatively easy-to-use spreadsheet for calculating Win Shares.  “Relatively” is the key word here, because Win Shares calculation is not for the meek.

But if you have the data—for a historic league, minor league or fantasy league—you can plug it into this spreadsheet and calculate your league’s Win Shares.  Joe has made the spreadsheet as user-friendly as possible (cells are even color coded), and he’s even updated a few of James’ calculations.  For instance, you can weigh park factors differently, and you can use Extrapolated Runs instead of Runs Created if you’d like.

You can download the zipped spreadsheet by clicking here.  This is a great public service from Joe.

Posted by Studes on 07/07 at 02:15 PM