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Monday, March 15, 2004

Let the Hardball Times Roll

With the dawn of another baseball season, it’s time for a few changes at Baseball Graphs.  In particular, I’d like to announce that I am joining forces with a dozen other great baseball writers on a new website called The Hardball Times.

The Hardball Times will include some of the best baseball writers on the web: Aaron Gleeman, Larry Mahnken, Ben Jacobs, Steve Treder, Matthew Namee, Bryan Smith, Vinay Kumar, Alex Belth, Robert Dudek, Craig Burley and Joe Dimino.  I’m thrilled to be included among such great talent.

In addition to some great writing, The Hardball Times will feature my in-season baseball graphs, as well as a variety of in-season statistics (including Win Shares).  For the graphs, I plan to use the “team” format that I rolled out at the end of last season, because I think that’s easier for you to read.  Please let me know what you think, and if you have any other graphical ideas for those pages.

I need to start spending my time developing and posting graphs and stats for the 2004 season, which means I won’t be able to write very much on this site.  However, I still have some major plans for over the next few months, including one major new feature.  If you want an e-mail when I roll it out, just let me know.

Also, please let me know if you know anything about Pete Simpson.  Pete was the real brains behind our in-season Win Shares, but I have not heard from him for over a month, and his mailbox is full.  I hope he and his family are okay.

At any rate, thanks for dropping by this offseason, and supporting the Win Shares research.  I fully intend to continue the Win Shares work over time, but right now I’ve got just a few other things on my plate.


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Saturday, March 06, 2004

All-Time Franchise Win Shares

Another fun thing you can do with Win Shares is to figure out which franchises have been the best throughout baseball history.  I’m not talking about total Win Shares for each franchise—that would just mimic total wins—but which franchises have the most batting, pitching and fielding Win Shares?

I looked at all teams that have played 5,000 or more games.  That threshold includes all the AL and NL original franchises, of course, but it also includes some of the more recent expansion teams, such as the Padres and Brewers.  I pulled the total Win Shares for each, separated them into batting, pitching and fielding, and calculated total Win Shares type per game played.

Based on this approach, the top four batting franchises are the Yankees, Giants, Dodgers and Astros(!), in that order.  The worst are the Expos, Mets, Royals and Orioles (bottom up order).

The top four pitching franchises are the Yankees, Royals, Red Sox and Cubs.  The bottom four are the Padres, Rangers, Brewers and Phillies.

Top four fielding teams?  The Royals, White Sox, Reds and Yankees.  Bottom four?  Padres, Rangers, A’s and Brewers.

I probably should exclude all the expansion teams to get a better picture.  And this is just a simplified version of what should probably be a rigorous exercise.  But, hey, the name of the blog is “Fun with Win Shares,” right?

I’ve attached the entire table, so you can copy it into Excel and play with the basic data if you want to.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Baseball Graphs are catching!

Colby Cash created a graph of pitcher strikeout and walk rates from last year, and he’s been getting a lot of exposure through David Pinto and others.  All I can say is “Bravo!”  This is the way to get across information and let baseball fans see what’s really going on with their favorite teams and players.

Meanwhile, the guys at Redsox Nation have picked up on the idea, and created their own versions of Colby’s graphs, including career progressions.  This is truly awesome.

Having said that, it’s easy to create graphs that don’t really tell the story, or overwhelm the reader with information.  So I thought I’d take my own crack at the graph, for what it’s worth.

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