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December, 2008

Relationships and graphing

April, 2008

14 Pitches
The Colbert Bump
Have you seen Muckety?

March, 2008

Comments Turned Off

January, 2008

New Historical Win Shares File

January, 2007

Ozzie Smith’s Fielding Win Shares
Gary Moore Responds
Playing with the Enemy
Seaver, Ryan and Palmer
McGwire and the Hall
Cal Ripken’s WSAA
Tony Gwynn’s Strikeout Rate
Historical Graphs at Fangraphs
The San Diego Padres Trade Tree

December, 2006

Things to Learn
New Graphics
Towers’ Trade Record
Baseball Economics

November, 2006

Updated Win Shares
The Tribune Company is for Sale
Holy Cow, Sean Forman

October, 2006

WPA Curiosities
WPA Usage

September, 2006

The Win Expectancy Contraption
Bill James and Warren Buffett
Congratulations, Alex and Emily
Five Years Later
Managerial Strategy
The Beauty of Tennis

August, 2006

Greg Maddux’s Great Game
WPA in Wins and Losses
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Projecting Players
More Organizational Trees
Top Months So Far
The first players from Each Country

July, 2006

Second-Half Surges and more Win Stats
My new shirt
Tracking Home Runs

June, 2006

I’m a Spiderman
Top Twin Plays
Nothing Up His Sleeve
Major League Jerk
Minor League Organization Reports
Congrats to Will
Steroids and Grimsley
Another WPA Example

May, 2006

WPA in the ninth
Historic FIP
The Blue Jay WPA Way
Fielding Win Shares
The Latest Spreadsheet
Timeline graphic
WPA developments

April, 2006

Book Review: “Stepping Up”
Division Win Shares Preview
Red Sox WPA
Game 6, 1986
Spreadsheet Fixed
New WPA Spreadsheet
Fangraphs Does It All
Mets WPA
Lookout Landing’s WPA
The Tiger WPA Blog
Yankees - A’s Win Probability Added
WPA games
Seattle WPA
More WPA tracking
WPA in the Opener
Publicity on Opening Day

March, 2006

Baseball Prospectus 2006
Expected Win Shares Review
WPAing the blown call against Japan
Salary Treemap

February, 2006

The Fielding Bible
Batter Types
Welcome, Brian Cashman
A Library of Batted Ball Stats
Peanut Butter Wiki
Jeremy Bonderman
Batted Balls in the NL Central
Historical Win Shares Spreadsheet
Competitive Balance Review

January, 2006

The 1908 National League
Injured Pitchers
Danny Haren
Cubs’ Pitching Table
Benson for Julio
Zach Duke
Greg Maddux
Doug Davis
Brandon Webb
Baseball Visualization Tool
Gustavo Chacin
White Sox Batted Balls
Pitcher Tables at THT
The “Final” Batted Ball Table?